Products based on Neem oil

prodotti a base di olio di Neem

Our products based on Neem oil can help us, in addition to the anti-parasitic drugs, in the repellent action (anti feeding) that avoids, for example, the sandflies who have identified their victim, to complete the their blood meal. This is especially important in the period when the anti-parasite drug has not yet started working or is diminishing its effect.
During this period, frequent use of Neem oil products can, therefore, increase the effectiveness of pyrethroid-based drugs in defending our dog from serious diseases such as leishmania which has its carrier in the phlebotomist.
For this purpose we offer you:

  • Dry Shampoo, refreshing powder to use as talcum powder
  • Aloe Vera Mousse, with which you can do a dry cleaning
  • Water based Perfume (talc or white tea scent), neutralize odors even from fabrics